Child Custody

Putting your children first

Child Custody

Putting your children first

Making good parenting arrangements for your children will be at the forefront of your mind when you separate. Where your children live, how much time will they spend with the other parent, how to deal with birthdays, special days, travel, relocation and so on.

You’ll want to know what arrangements are best for your children and what the law says if you can’t reach an agreement. You may need advice on reaching a resolution and how to document your agreement.

As accredited family dispute resolution practitioners and lawyers, you can rely on us to find the best way to deal with the challenges you face so that your children can look forward to the future with confidence and thrive post-separation.

Our Service

By using our service, you’ll get the benefit of our skills in dispute resolution in addition to strong court representation where required.

  • We will help you identify your goals and issues that require resolution, provide legal and experiential perspectives, having worked with many parents.
  • Advise you on your options for seeking a resolution, i.e. solicitor-led negotiation, mediation or litigation if necessary.
  • Gain clarity and discuss ways to document your agreement through a parenting plan or consent order.
  • Provide advice on how the law applies if you can’t reach an agreement and what you need to do to comply with pre-action parenting procedures.
  • Prepare and attend a lawyer-assisted mediation with you, thereby increasing your chances of a successful early outcome.
  • Prepare your case and represent you in the family court if necessary.

We understand that your children are important to you. No matter how complex or worrying, we’ll guide you to a safe resolution with a clear, considered, compassionate approach.

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