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Credit Repair

Has your credit taken a hit because of inaccurate or unfair information? If so, we can help dispute erroneous information on your credit report, and get it removed – all at an affordable cost.

Having an inaccurate credit report can have a devastating effect on your ability to obtain credit for up to 5 years and in some cases, even 7 years. This can make it challenging to get loans, open accounts, credit cards and other financial products without exorbitant fees.

An adverse credit file can arise from any one or more of the following:

  • Court Judgements
  • Serious Credit Infringements
  • Cross Reference or Linked Files
  • Mistaken entries
  • Fraudulent Entries
  • Payment defaults or overdue accounts

The good news is that inaccurate credit information can be removed if the creditor has not followed the correct procedures to have a negative entry listed. Court judgements may be removed once we have investigated and negotiated with the creditor.

Our Lawyer’s have extensive experience helping people restore their credit history so that they can confidently move on with their lives. To find out how we can help you, book now for your free 15- minute consult.

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