Making Arrangements for Children

Acting in your child’s best interests

Making Arrangements for Children

Are you struggling to make arrangements for your children following separation? Can’t agree on where they should live, how much time they should spend with your ex-partner or worried about their safety? – we can help.

When a relationship breaks down, making arrangements for your children can be difficult. Sometimes, it is just too hard to do by yourselves. Emotions get in the way, and discussions about practical arrangements get lost in the hurt and anger.

The majority of parents make their arrangments and do what is best for their children. Others do so with the help of a family mediator, also known as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

Parents who can’t agree on their parenting arrangements are required to attend compulsory family dispute resolution. You will not be able to issue an application for a Parenting Order in the family court, without having attended mediation, unless exceptional circumstances apply.

We’re committed to helping you find the right solution for you and your family – with minimum conflict as possible. We offer family mediation through our dedicated website My Family Mediation.

Where we have acted as your Mediator, however, we will not be able to represent you in a legal capacity.

Where mediation has failed to resolve your parenting arrangements or where mediation is unsuitable, solutions can be found through solicitor negotiation or as a last resort, a court application.

We can help you resolve many issues including:

  • Spending Time (commonly known as Contact Arrangements): How much time your child should spend with the other parent or significant other, for example, a grandparent
  • Live With (commonly known as Custody Arrangements): Where your child should live and with whom
  • Specific Issues: What school your child should attend, medical treatments that your child should have or religion to be followed for example
  • Special Days: When and with whom your child should spend special days with including school holidays, birthdays and Christmas for example
  • Relocation: Where your child should live and how time with the absent parent takes place, especially where such a move requires relocating interstate or to another country.

Dealing with parenting issues can be complicated and is a worrying time for all concerned. With a clear, considered and compassionate approach, we’ll guide you to a safe resolution.

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