Mediation & Family Dispute Resolution

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Mediation & Family Dispute Resolution

Mediation is a popular way of resolving parenting arrangements and property disputes on relationship breakdown – without going to court. It’s affordable, it’s quick, it’s confidential, and you make decisions that affect you and your family, not a judge.

In mediation, a trained Mediator will assist you, and your ex-partner communicate with each other about the issues that you want to resolve. You Mediator is impartial and will not provide legal advice to you or to your ex-partner but helps you go through your issues, explore options for settlement, negotiate and come to an agreement. While you don’t need a lawyer to participate in mediation with you, mediation works best when you have legal advice.

You must participate in compulsory family dispute resolution if you seek Parenting Orders from the family court unless exceptions apply. Exceptions include where there is domestic violence or abuse or risk of abuse to a child or other family member. If you don’t participate and make a genuine effort to resolve your dispute, a family court may order that you pay your ex-partner legal costs.

Our Principal Lawyer is an Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, who is authorised to issue S.60I Certificates, should a court application become necessary. You can find out more about our mediation services at My Family Mediation.

Whether you are looking for a mediator to help you resolve your family matter through mediation or if its legal advice and representation you require at mediation with another provider – we can help.

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