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What We Do

We protect you, your family & your future – with services tailored to meet your needs

Ending a relationship can bring about a range of emotions. Having an understanding of the legal process, available options, and what will happen to your children, property and finances can help you take control. Find out where you stand, with our fixed fee 1-hour consultation.

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Mediation is a popular way for separating couples to reach an agreement about their parenting and property arrangements. It’s affordable, quick and confidential. My Family Mediation is our dedicated website which provides detailed information about how our mediators can help you.

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Are you and your ex-partner committed to staying out of court? Do you want a “respectful” divorce, and work out a fair outcome for you and your family? The collaborative divorce could be your answer. As collaboratively trained lawyers – we’re here to help.

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Are you one of the 52% of Australians who don’t have a Will? Do you have an Enduring Power of Attorney, so that someone can make decisions if you lose capacity? With our simple estate planning packages, you can leave the legacy you want – all at an affordable fixed fee.

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Are you a UK Expat living in Australia? Do you own property in either jurisdiction? – Deciding on where to divorce and having an effective estate plan is complicated. Experienced and qualified in both jurisdictions – we’re here to help.

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Has your credit taken a hit because of inaccurate or unfair information? We can help dispute erroneous information on your reports, and get it removed – all at an affordable fixed cost.

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About Us

Our focus is simple. We strive to protect you, your family & your future.

Arora Legal specialise in family, estate planning, consumer and credit repair law, with offices in Brisbane and Hervey Bay.

We are collaboratively trained lawyers, nationally accredited mediators and family dispute resolution practitioners with 25 years combined legal experience. We have helped many separating couples achieve property and parenting settlements – without going to court.

Our team works collaboratively with other professionals to manage the many aspects of divorce – the legal issues, the emotional turmoil, the finances and the children. With support, you’ll feel in control of the process – and better equipped to deal with your new life afterwards.

To complement our family law service, we offer a comprehensive and unique estate planning service to Australians and UK Ex-pats. This is of particular benefit to those who continue to have personal and financial ties to the UK.

Our Skills

Family Law
Family Mediation
Family Dispute Resolution
Collaborative Divorce
Solicitor Led – Negotiation
Family Court Proceedings
Cross Border Divorce ( AU & UK)
Estate Planning (AU & UK)
Consumer & Credit Repair Law

Why Choose Us

Our lawyers have 25 years of combined legal experience in family, estate & consumer law. Our Principal Solicitor is a nationally accredited mediator, family dispute resolution practitioner and a collaboratively trained solicitor, with over 20 years of legal experience in Australia and the UK. Admitted as a Solicitor in Australia and of England & Wales, Ashma can advise the UK ex-pat community on cross-border issues. Find out more.

85% of cases settle. We don’t just claim to keep you out of court. Our lawyers are trained in the processes that get you there. From solicitor-led negotiation, mediation, family dispute resolution and collaborative divorce.

We understand that the costs of engaging a solicitor are a consideration. We offer a range of fixed fees. We promise that we’ll be open and transparent with our fees at all times. Invest in our expertise, get a better outcome and save money in the long run.

We understand the emotional and financial impact that you may be facing – be that in the family, estate planning or consumer law space. We aim to put you at ease from the moment you get in touch right through to settlement.

We understand that the majority of us are time-poor. We can see you face to face, via telephone, or through video conferencing – whatever works for you.

We’ll listen to your concerns and find out what’s important to you. Together we’ll make a plan, work hard and achieve a positive outcome.

We’ll keep you advised on what the latest developments are on your matter, so you don’t have to worry about what’s happening.
We will never discriminate, regardless of race, sex, religion, gender, sexual orientation or belief. We’ll always treat you with dignity, respect and remain courteous with you at all times.
We have established connections with counsellors, financial advisors & valuers. They can assist you through the family law and estate planning process.

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