Property & Financial Settlement

Dividing your assets & liabilities on separation

Property & Financial Settlement

Dividing assets, liabilities and superannuation

Are you worried about the financial outcome of your separation? Are you concerned whether you’ll be able to keep the family home or how much money you’ll have to live on?- We can help

Whether you’re married or in a de-facto relationship, most couples acquire property during their relationship. But when that relationship breaks down, disputes can arise as to how those assets and liabilities are divided.

In Australia, our family law system is discretionary, which means that the courts have broad discretion to make a variety of property orders as it deems fit. There is no mathematical formula to work out who should get what and there is no automatic 50/50 starting point. The court is bound to take several factors into account when deciding what it ‘fair’.

Given the discretionary nature of our family law system, you may find it challenging to determine whether your agreement is fair without seeking legal advice. There is no one size fits all, and an experienced family lawyer will be able to tell you what the court is likely to award.

Where you have not been able to reach an agreement with your ex-partner, we can help you negotiate a fair outcome through negotiation, mediation or collaborative divorce.

We have extensive experience dealing with simple to complex property settlements, including those with business interests, trusts and overseas assets.

We take a collaborative approach and work with financial advisors, valuers and tax planners both here and in the UK.

Making decisions about your home, money and super can be difficult. But remember – what you get in the end is likely to have a significant impact on your future security, so get the right advice.

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