Separation Advice Session

Know Where You Stand – $350 plus GST

Separation Advice Session

Understand your rights, options & entitlements

When you separate, there’s a lot to think about. Where you will live, what will happen with your property, your income and debts. If you have children, you’ll be looking at new ways to take care of them post-separation. You’ll want to know what a property settlement might look like for you or what arrangements are best for your children. There’s a great deal to plan and organise.

These challenges are big – made bigger when you’re emotional, anxious and overwhelmed.

Our Service

We will meet you either face to face or online (you choose):

  • We will help you identify your goals, identify issues that require resolution – be that property and/or parenting.
  • We’ll prioritise what’s important to you and help you decide which resolution pathway is right for you.
  • We can tell you what you can expect, what you need to think about, what the law says, how to come to an agreement and what help is out there – so you can plan for your future.
  • We will help you understand important timeframes.
  • If you need a referral to counselling, financial services or any other family separation specialists in your local area, we can help you with that too.

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