Collaborative Divorce

Achieve more together

Collaborative Divorce

Achieve more together

Are you and your ex-partner committed to staying out of court?
Do you want a “respectful” divorce, and work out a fair outcome for you and your family? If so, the collaborative divorce could be your answer. As collaboratively trained lawyers – we’re here to help.

When couples separate, going to a lawyer and obtaining some family law advice is not unusual. You’ll appoint your lawyer and working through them, you try and reach an agreement on how best to settle your differences, be that a children issue or how to share the property of the relationship.

In collaborative practice, instead of the solicitors negotiating through correspondence, you, your ex-partner and the solicitors sit down together to work things out face-to-face. These meetings are known as four-way meetings, requiring 3-5 sessions to achieve a resolution. You get to set the pace, you remain in control of the process, and you set the agenda. You get to talk about the things that matter the most to you without being bound by court dates or obligations to file documents.

In these meetings, other professionals can be involved to help you deal with not just the legal issues but the financial and the emotional issues that can arise upon separation, e.g. a child specialist or a financial neutral. The collaborative divorce takes the whole family into account – helping everyone to move forward.

To ensure that all parties are committed to the process, all parties must sign a Participation Agreement. Lawyers agree that they will not represent you should court proceedings become necessary.

To make a collaborative divorce work, you and your ex-partner need to come together with the right frame of mind. You’ll need to share a desire to make it work, to find solutions to your problems rather than arguing about what you want or what you might be entitled to legally.

If you and your ex-partner have a genuine desire to keep out of court, have a genuine desire to seek a fair solution and want to minimise the pain of family breakdown, collaborative law can offer all of this.

Our Principal Lawyer is a collaboratively trained lawyer and mediator and a full member of the Queensland Association of Collaborative Practitioners (QACP) – the leading association for collaboratively-trained professionals in Queensland.

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