Initial Fixed Fee Consultation

Know where you stand – $350 plus GST

Initial Fixed Fee Consultation

It’s not every day that you need a Lawyer. So when you do, you’ll want to make sure that your questions are answered and that we’re the right fit for you- that’s why we offer you a discounted fixed fee consultation so that you can find out.

At our initial meeting, you get the chance to tell us your story. What’s keeping you up at night, what you want to change, what you want to stay the same, and what your short and long-term goals are.

With that knowledge, we’ll listen and identify issues that require resolution. Be that parenting or property we’ll prioritise what’s important to you and explore options for settlement. We’ll help you decide which resolution pathway is right for you and provide some preliminary legal advice.

It’s essential to get early legal advice. Getting advice can help you understand your options, your rights and entitlements – at the start.

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Before your consultation, we’ll send you a short form requesting details about your relationship and family. You’ll need to return this to us, together with evidence of your identity before we can formally advise you.

Our consultations are delivered face to face, telephone or by video-conferencing. Where consultations are by phone or video-conferencing, we can advise you the same day if we have your completed form, evidence of identification and payment.
You are under no obligation to instruct us further. We provide comprehensive advice, so for many, a one-off consultation is sufficient. For others, where there are complex issues to resolve, or for those who would like to be supported and advised through the process, we’ll provide you with our Terms of Business and fee structure.